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Small Business Teach Paint Parties (Single Employee Business)

Are you struggling with coming up with new designs for your small business paint and sip?

You can take that load of time off your plate so you can focus more on other things for your business! With "Business Membership" you will be purchasing "non-exclusive" commercial rights license to use artwork designed by Tracie Kiernan for your business.

With this membership, you can teach Tracie's paintings in a for-profit paint party setting!

Most tutorials come with tracers, almost all have videos demonstrating how to do the painting and ALL have complete step-by-step lessons (pictures and directions) ready to go!

*This is for a small business either mobile or studio. If you feel you are a larger business, 100% online or any other unique situations, feel free to email me at to tell me about your business to see if this would be a right fit.

Small Business Members get access to:

  • A Member's Portal with Ad-Free Tutorials
  • All access to Tracie's PDF painting tutorials
  • Traceable library with tracers sorted by seasons and categories. All my traceables are PDF files. 
  • Non-Watermark Licensee Image gallery (you will get a separate password to this in your welcome email)
  • New tutorials are added weekly with at total of 5 new ones a month! (Members get a bonus tutorial each month not offered on the free site) 

*****Important! After you subscribe, you will get a welcome email (check your promotions folder, the email is notorious for going into that). Make sure you reply to that email with your business name AND location so we have you in our database. Example: "Paint With Me in Phoenix, AZ".

$25 Per Month
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Is there a contract?

No, there is no contract. If you feel the small business membership doesn't suit your needs, you can cancel anytime. You can also pause the membership temporarily and then come back. If you do pause or cancel you would not be able to use the designs. This is a "non-exclusive" license which means at no point you would be owning the designs. You are "licensing" them out. 

Can I make paint kits?

Yes! With this membership you can make and sell paint kits using the Step By Step Painting designs and Traceables. 

Can I use your images?

It is up to you if you want to paint your version using my designs or use my images. Many of my licensees prefer to use mine without the watermarks so they look more professional on a website. Others like to paint their own. You will get access to a non-watermark image gallery. 

What if I have multiple employees?

This membership is a commercial license for one employee. If you have more than one employee, please reach out to me at: to tell me a little more about your business. You may still qualify for this but I take it on a case by case basis. 

What if I want to set up payments with PayPal?

This sign up page does not accept PayPal membership payments, however, I have a separate PayPal membership that you can sign up for. If you prefer PayPal, please email me at: for how to sign up. 

What all do I get access to?

  • The entire members portal which has ad-free tutorials of all my 2019-2020 paintings lessons, PDF Tutorials and Bonus Tutorials
  • Traceables in PDF format
  • You would be able to teach paint parties using any of my paintings (2017-2020 paintings)
  • You can request traceable resize of any of my traceables. I also recommend a software called "Rapid Resize" for this if you like to resize on your own. 
  • You can join our members Facebook group where you can view early access to new videos and tutorials and also keep in touch with me that way! 

How many new tutorials do you make a month?

I make 4 free ones on the main website and 1 bonus one for members for a total of 5 paintings per month! I also have a back log of paintings that I've been doing since 2017 which makes for over 100 paintings! 

I have more questions, how can I contact you!

You can email us at: or 

Hi There!

My name is Tracie Kiernan founder, artist and creator of Step By Step Painting, LLC! I am an Arizona girl and a mother to 3 boys. I have been painting all my life and am pretty much self taught. I have a background in Elementary Art Education and was an art teacher in the public schools for almost 10 years. Now I teach exclusively online through my website. I believe anyone has the power to learn how to paint given the right guidance! Welcome aboard this painting journey!