Online Painting Tutorial "Ava The Mermaid" by Tracie Kiernan

Online Painting Tutorial "Ava The Mermaid"

Learn how to paint a mermaid on an 8” x 10” or 11” x 14” canvas!   

This E-Book painting lesson is designed for kids and the absolute beginner painter of all ages!

-Full detailed written instructions with step-by-step color photos in a printer friendly format 
-Two Traceables: 8x10 & 11x14
-A LINK to an unlisted video 
-Materials List


The video link is demonstrated by Tracie Kiernan and she will guide you step by step how to paint the mermaid. 

You will get a materials list with colors and brush suggestions! 

Video link of Tracie teaching the mermaid included inside the e-book! 

Also included is an 8x10 and 11x14 traceable of the mermaid. There is some flexibility in how you want your mermaid painting to look!

Full Detail Directions

A unique feature that Tracie provides in her lessons is step by step photos and directions! 

This is super helpful when guiding yourself or your child through the painting process or if you are doing this as a DIY paint party. 

How do you transfer the mermaid to the canvas?

A common question I get is, "How do you get the traceable onto the canvas?" 

It is super simple! 

You will need to get a sheet of graphite paper (available at most craft stores) and then simply print the mermaid template and trace!

If you do not have graphite paper, you can rub pencil on the back of the mermaid and then trace. 

What's included?

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E-Book & Video Link
Ava The Mermaid E-Book (Video Link Is In This)
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Mermaid Traceable 8 x 10.pdf
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Mermaid Traceable 11x14.pdf
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