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Keep up-to-date on Tracie's latest creations! Join our list of over 8,000 subscribers! This email is sent out bi-weekly and includes links to Tracie's newest FREE painting tutorials, YouTube Videos and Traceables. You can also reply to those emails with pictures of your paintings!

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SBSP Club Membership

  • One New Exclusive Subscribers Only Tutorial every Month.
  • Everything in the members library
  • Access to my PDF Tutorial Library - great for printing out and offline viewing.
  • Our newsletter which includes the entire new tutorial in your email every Wednesday. 
  • Early access to new painting videos 1-2 days before they are public.
  • Ad-Free Access to Tracie's 2019-2020 painting tutorials with non-youtube videos.
  • Request resize of traceables to any canvas size.
  • Invitation to our paid Facebook Group. In this group, Tracie shares full length painting videos, hosts polls for new paintings and more! 
$10 Per Month

Small Business Membership

Tracie's small business membership was created after a common request of small "paint and sip" start ups, family owned businesses needing help with designing new "paint party" style paintings for classes! 

This membership tier gives you access to: 
  • Everything in the SBSP Club Membership
  • You get "non-exclusive" rights to teach Tracie's paintings in a for profit paint part setting (whether you have a small studio, are mobile or create paint kits). Find out more information here

After you subscribe, you will receive a welcome email. Please reply to that email with the name of your business and city/ state. 

$25 per Month

Step By Step Painting Membership

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Welcome and thank you for joining Step By Step Painting Club Membership! 

Quick Links:

  • Monthly Exclusive Tutorials   
  • PDF Downloadable Tutorials 
  • Members Library (full library of…
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Download A PDF Printable Of This Tutorial

Learn how to paint a poinsettia with acrylics on canvas! I will be demonstrating this on an 8…
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Download This PDF Tutorial

Learn how to paint a Snowman Beach Scene! 

I thought I was done with painting enough snow people for 2020 but…
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This is a mini tutorial for how to blend acrylics on canvas using three basic techniques. 

Blending acrylic paint is the process of having two…
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Hello artists! This is our exclusive members tutorial for the month of November! I am going to show you how to paint a Christmas/ Holiday…
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What all is included in the membership?

  • Instant access to my PDF Printable Painting Tutorials. These are tutorials I sell in my PDF shop and you would not have to pay for them because they are included in the membership!  
  • One new BONUS painting tutorial a month.
  • Access to Ad-free online tutorials (2019 & 2020 tutorials). 
  • Access to my complete traceable library with PDF tracers sorted by seasons and categories + bonus traceables. 
  • Members can request resize of traceables to ANY canvas size! 
  • Invitation to join our Private Facebook Group

Will this allow for-profit paint party use?

If you are interested in commercial use, you will need to subscribe to the Small Business Membership

Is there a contract?

Nope! There is no contract or any obligation. If you do not feel the membership suites your needs or budget, you can cancel anytime. 

How often do you create new tutorials?

I make one new free tutorial every week and I release one new bonus tutorial for members each month for a total of 5 painting tutorials each month. 

I am a paid subscriber but I am not getting my weekly email?

Go to your account settings. Make sure that you check the box that says:  "I accept to receive marketing emails from Step By Step Painting with Tracie Kiernan." This allows you to receive emails from me when I post new tutorials. 

What materials do I need?

You can check out my supplies page here! This includes a complete list of recommended acrylic painting materials. I use economic student grade supplies that are readily available at Michaels, Amazon or your local craft store. 

When will I know when a new tutorial is published?

Every Wednesday you will get the entire new tutorial emailed to you! If you miss the email, you can also go to the members painting library or your members feed anytime to access the new tutorial! I also post the entire video on the Members Facebook Group. 

Are the lessons live?

No. All my painting lessons are pre-recorded! My teaching method is self-paced so that you do not feel rushed. You can access these tutorials & videos anytime of day 24/7! You can start and stop videos which means you can take a break from your painting and come back to it. 

What if I want to subscribe with PayPal?

Our current platform does not accept PayPal for our subscription membership. HOWEVER, if you would like to join and use PayPal, you can contact me and I can give you instruction on how to manually get in. 

What age range & skill level are these tutorials for?

All ages! I have adults that love doing the kids tutorials and I have kids that do my more advanced adult tutorials! My painting tutorials are intended for beginners and are your typical "paint and sip" style of painting. They are simplified and many include traceables! 

I don't have Facebook, can I still join?

Absolutely! The membership is based on this website. You won't be missing out on bonus content if you don't have Facebook. You'll find all the videos and tutorials here. 

Hi There!

My name is Tracie Kiernan founder, artist and creator of Step By Step Painting, LLC! I am an Arizona girl and a mother to 3 boys. I have been painting all my life and am pretty much self taught. I have a background in Elementary Art Education and was an art teacher in the public schools for almost 10 years. Now I teach exclusively online through my website. I believe anyone has the power to learn how to paint given the right guidance! Welcome aboard this painting journey!