Online Painting Tutorial "Kids Truck" by Tracie Kiernan

Online Painting Tutorial "Kids Truck"

Complete step by step painting tutorial for kids! Your child can paint their very own "Big Truck"! Perfect for a paint party, birthday party, digital quarantine paint party, etc.!

This is a great art lesson for kids to learn about designing their own truck. Tracie will guide you through various beginner painting techniques with this lesson. 

This complete painting tutorial bundle includes:

-Materials List 
-Video LINK
-Full written & picture directions in PDF format that can be printed or viewed on any device 
-Four Different Traceable Templates to choose from (girly truck, skull and flames truck, flame truck and a blank truck template for designing your own) 

Templates are printed on a standard sheet of paper and traced using graphite or carbon transfer paper.  

You will be able to access your files anytime! 


Materials List

You will get a suggested list of materials to purchase separately. Can be done with basic acrylic craft paint colors!

Includes Multiple Traceables

Your child can choose their truck template or customize it with the blank truck (not pictured). 

Then you simply use graphite paper to transfer the design to the canvas. 

Full Detail Instructions

A unique feature of Step By Step Painting with Tracie Kiernan is the provided step by step photos with text instruction! 

This is super helpful when guiding your child through the painting process or if you are doing this as a DIY paint party. 

What's included?

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E-Book & Video
Kids Big Truck E-Book (Video Link Is In This)
3.43 MB
Big Truck Template.pdf
261 KB
Girly Truck Template.pdf
299 KB
Flame Truck Template.pdf
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