Online Painting Tutorial "Kids Dragon" by Tracie Kiernan

Online Painting Tutorial "Kids Dragon"

Learn how to paint an easy dragon on an 8" x 10" canvas or on a larger 11” x 14” or 16” x 20” canvas. 

"How to Paint Jules The Dragon" is a digital download acrylic painting lesson. It includes step by step detailed picture directions, materials list, traceables and LINK to dragon painting video. 

You will also get a detailed list of materials to buy. If you would like information on where to get these materials, please private message me. 

Age level is 5+ and skill level is beginner. Parental guidance with the painting is recommended. 

Download Includes:
-Tutorial with materials list 
-Traceables for 8x10, 11x14 & 16x20 canvas sizes 
-Video Link of how to paint the dragon from start to finish


You can customize your dragon painting!

Green, yellow, purple or red? It's completely up to you! You can also paint multiple dragons. 

Full Detail Directions

A unique feature to Tracie's painting lessons is that she provides the full detail pictures and directions!

This is super helpful for self learning, if you are instructing your child or if you are having a DIY Paint Party. 

Traceable & Video Included

There are three traceable sizes included in this painting! You can choose to do this on an 8x10, 11x14 or 16x20 canvas size! 

You will also get a link to a video inside of the e-book. 

What's included?

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E-Book & Video Link
How To Paint A Dragon E-Book (Video Link Is In This).pdf
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Dragon 8 x10 Traceable.pdf
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11 x 14 Dragon Traceable.pdf
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16 x 20 Dragon Traceable.pdf
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